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A GALA in Costa Rican JUNGLE 
Jungala was a first of its kind benefit to raise funds for projects and individuals representing direct action within the realms of conservation, creation (art), indigenous tradition, botanical collection, reforestation, and alternative food sourcing. These people represent some of the pillars of Alchemy of the Arts.
Please meet these important projects that are going beyond the offset of carbon and sustainability.
We are a regenerative community, putting in more than we take.
Passionate About Inspiring Others

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It is our honor to present to you: 
Antonio & Fransisco

We invited Antonio and Fransisco to exhibit their work of art in the jungles of Costa Rica, their first international travel where they sold over 8 paintings in 4 days. 

Indigenous Artists

Antonio and Fransisco inspired us with their traditional styles and visionary take on storytelling. The same stories have been painted over and over in their culture, each generation with a new take and a new paintbrush. Fransisco is Antonio's son, one can tell a good teacher when their disciple outgrows them. In their case it is not about better but about finding their own rhythm to share the majestic stories of their mayan culture. Generation to generation tradition is kept, although it has become increasingly harder to pass on bloodline skills within indigenous communities. At Jungala, all who attended supported the Vasquez and enlightened their world to an international connection and appreciation. 

The Vision Train

When you are encouraged to draw your vision of the future you are asked to dream and connect mankind. The vision train goes to schools supporting children in their visionary pursuits.

Art in education

What more can be said around these two beautiful humans.  Amanda Sage and Joe Bob Merritt are incredible humans that brought the beautiful addition of their work and warmth to our celebration.  Thanks to our support we lend to developing educational opportunities around the world with exploring the vision train and bringing about more creative outlets for children in schools around the world.

Punta Mona
Permaculture Farm

In Supporting the team and staff on the ground we tapped into the strength of community and collaboration for us to create the crafted libations.  Souzie and Dana are medicines goddesses and helped us months prior begin distilling and fermenting drinks and edible snacks.  On top of the 10kg of Ginger we used we planted 20kg.   beyond the 6kg of Turmeric fresh we used.  We planted 10kg.   We harvested to palm trees for our heart of palm dish and will be returning 4 trees to the farm.  Beyond needed kitchen utensils and a Still.  We also supported Vito in his development of Forge on site.  Vito the Blacksmith inspired our intention setting hammering into the glowing red iron.  Above our contribution per person to the facility for hosting us over $1400 was invested into Punta Mona directly.  

The Living Library

The Living Library is host to the broadest ethnobotanical preservation in Costa Rica. Bound in an insurmountable undertaking to rescue and document the vast cultural knowledge including medicinal plant diversity striving to combat the loss to unsustainable harvesting and environmental degradation. 

It is dedicated to the preservation of native medicinal plants and the natural habitats that support these culturally and ecologically significant species. At Jungala Chris Noris presented the importance in conservation of these sacred plants. To support this project in its growth one can become a member or adopt a plant which many of the Jugnala attendees were called to do. 

Community Carbon Trees

Jenny has devoted over 17 years to plant more than 556,000 trees. Her work to build community, protect biodiversity, and reverse climate change is a model for how all people can coexist with nature.


Jenny who was set to help us out with our collective tree planting had to cancel due to health complication in the last moments.  She has planted over a half million trees in Costa Rica and is now implementing her methods in Africa.   We will collectively plant 500+ trees this year and commit $1500 towards her mission directive, focusing on native hardwoods and flowering/fruiting trees for the animals in the forest.  

Jungle Project

Developing the supply chain, literally from the ground up, we plant breadf


Amazingly beautiful friends of our Event helped us with the breadfruit flour that made our pancakes.  The beauty of this product was that it is from a perennial food source unlike most flours we use require intense implementation on giant scales to continue to harvest, replant, and tend to.  Basics of the trees in the tropics allow for huge abundance and better nutrition. We were also supported and have committed over $1600 to planting trees from their nursery.  Over 200 trees will be planted with Paul Zink this year.  

Manzanillo Beach
More Info >

We managed to raise $800 for a special recycling bin with a hard, heavy lid and coordinated with local recycling team from neighboring city Puerto Viejo.  This is designed to keep excess plastics from being dispersed by dogs and birds into the ocean.  This project is on hold as they local government is in transition and as we have been told is not to be trusted with the funds nor the equipment yet by our local representative and guide Tino.  We will update once this project is in motion.

Finca La Isla's 

Botanical garden with an extensive collection of mature tropical fruit trees, spices, flowers and great opportunities for seeing wildlife. Visitors can taste seasonal fruits and homemade chocolate

Botanical Garden

Amazing Permaculturist and full-fledged crafty Witch. We directed $1,000 towards exotic fruit trees and native palms for agroforestry.  Ancel also helped us create with her witchy good ways the elemental chocolate bar.

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