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Tierras NAtivas  

Where all Land is Native Land.  This is our development group where by with respect to native traditions we implore land stewardship with regenerative science to create strategies to benefit all inhabitants of the land, air and sea.  With a firm grasp of impact we seek to further reveal what in many cases has been lost for centuries as the main means for developing property.  How can we for the first time in a long time, put in more than we take out?

our pillars:

Native Traditions

Health & Wellness


Regenerative Practices

The arts



 Our passion lies to be at the forefront in regenerative systems within agriculture, education and research, culture and arts, technology, health and wellness, and community modalities.


This association is a replicable social construct that is adaptive to its local resources. 

Tierra Nativa is an integrative system where social and natural systems become one.

“The management of ecosystems is not only an ecological event but also a social-and, therefore, an economic, cultural, and even political-phenomenon.” 


We seek to collaborate with local indigenous communities, artist and entrepreneurs within each location showcasing the beauty of new age cultural conservation with an environmentally conscious impact.


 We need to make relevant contribution to the wise management and conservation of Earth’s Resources and life support systems. 

Through regenerative science we know we can put more into a system than we take out all while making it profitable. 


With this model we extend a portion of this profit share to expanding indigenous territories. 

  • Costa Rica

  • Mexico

  • New Zealand

  • Australia

  • Indonesia

  • Thailand

  • Nicaragua

  • Columbia

  • United States

Community & Land development:

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